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We help individuals frustrated over the health (sick) care system access alternative medicine combined with conventional medicine options to dramatically, and many times, radically improve their health care results.

We feel privileged to collaborate with you as a cohesive Team utilizing a proactive and creative approach to your health care goals.

We offer a Holistic approach to your health concerns. Recognizing that we, humans, can be complicated so we utilize multiple evaluation methods to create a personalized plan for your Success.

Quite frankly, we have:

  • No status quo to defend
  • No 3rd party allegiances
  • No archaic rules we must follow
  • No insurance company billing codes to re-code
  • No government agency present in the corner
  • and No “pokeman” have been sited… yet

… just YOU and the Team focusing on YOUR needs and solutions

Our ultimate mission is to Educate, Empower and Equip you with the information needed to positively impact your life.

Simply put “ We Think differently! We must correct the underlying problems that cause our illnesses.  Only by doing so, will our bodies correct themselves and return to optimal health.”  We want to bring back humanity in health care.


Cape Integrative Care provides a full range of medical services with a personal, customized, and integrative approach. This means that our providers actively work to identify the root cause of an illness and restore balance to key systems. We develop personalized treatment plans that focus on you as a whole person, utilizing the best of both conventional and complementary practices.  We believe that a named disease is nothing more than a label given to or expressed for a group of symptoms that exist.

$45 Office Visit!

$25 Sports Physicals

$25 School Physicals

Walk-Ins Welcome

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